What is HILUX® ?

HILUX® signs are manufactured using a photoluminescent rigid PVC board, printed using digital and screen print processes using UV resistant solvent/Eco-solvent inks. 

Manufactured using non-toxic, non-radioactive luminous pigments that absorb ambient light (natural and artificial) emitting a strong visible glow that is best observed in darkness.

The recommended standard (BS 1SO 17398: 2004) for way guidance luminous signage is PSPA Class C.

HILUX® has been tested in accordance with DIN 67510 pt 1 by an independent laboratory and exceeds the requirements of PSPA class C (see graphs and data below).


The material is uniform in appearance in ambient light and also under its own luminance, subject to the excitation source being uniform.

Property & Test Methods
PVC Resin - photoluminescent pigment
Substance (weight)
Light yellow
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
180° peel adhesion
After Glow characteristics
(DIN 67510-Pt 1)
2 mins > 957.1mcd/m2
10 mins > 199mcd/m2
30 mins > 59.2mcd/m2
60 mins > 26.4mcd/m2
Decay time to 0.3mcd/m2 > 48hrs
Temperature resistance
-40 to +70°C
Flammability Rating
(GB/T 2406.2)
OI >/= 32
Health & Safety
No concerns, REACH & RoHS compliant - MSDS available on request